Ivy 100 Education



3. be given to talking big ≠ 被给机会说大话

SAT某篇阅读文章中有如下一句:My mother was given to sudden sprints of creativity. 而正是根据这句话,有一道题的正确答案是Perla most likely views her mother’s decision to repot the geraniums as unsurprising, because the decision is consistent with an aspect of Perla’s mother’s personality. 很多考生因为不能准确理解原文中的证据而惨痛失分!而吃透那句证据的关键在于理解成语be given to something/doing something. 试看下列句子:

1) He is more given to idling than to working.

2) He is given to talking big.

3) The sensitive girl is inclined to be gloomy/sad. =The sensitive girl is given to melancholy.

4) She is too much given to extravagance.

5) He’s somewhat given to hyperbole. =He tends to exaggerate.

6) He is much given to speculation.

认真研读以上例句不难理解:be given to意为“惯于......”或“倾向于......” 所以,be given to talking big ≠ 被给机会说大话,而是“习惯说大话”。